Python screenshot tool (fullscreen/area selection)

A little script I made a few years from now to help me with screenshots.

See above in action :

Area Selection

  • State:

    This is a Proof of Concept...
    Originally a hacky 2-functions script who is helping a lot! Note that this little tool has been revised by contributors since, thanks to them <3

  • Description:

    Rigth, this page is dedicated to a little screenshot tool in the form of a single Python script.

    PyQt5 is used for the GUI and Xlib for the area selection feature.
    You can select an area and keep screenshoting it without the need to reselect multiple time. If it's what you want, so just use the Select Area button ;)

    The delay timer is set by default to 1 second but you can increase that value.

  • License:

    MIT License
    MIT License

  • Code from my Github Gist: