Python BTS Mapper

This is a « GSM-antennas » (Base Transceiver Stations) mapping tool exploiting the Nokia debug PINs leaved by default on Nokia 3310 mobile phones.
Keywords: OpenStreetMap, Google API, Python, PyGTK, GNU GPL v3

  • Hardware needed:

    • Mobile phone Nokia 3310 (900/1800mhz) or 3390 (1900mhz)
    • F-BUS and M2BUS auto switching USB data cable

    Python BTS Mapper Python BTS Mapper Python BTS Mapper

  • Screenshot:

    Python BTS Mapper

  • License:

    GNU General Public License v3.0
    GNU General Public License v3.0

  • Installation ($: user, #: root):

    We have included our own installation wizard.
    It require the installation of the following dependencies:

    # apt-get install git python-setuptools python-pip

    The full git repository is at:
    Get it using the following command:

    $ git clone git://

    And proceed to final steps:

    $ cd btsmapper/
    # python install

    To use the tool, launch it with administrator privileges:

    # btsmapper

    NB: the full screen keyboard shortcut is F11.

  • Useful links

    • GSM decoding with Nokia 3310/3390 phone:
  • Shops where you can find a USB data cable for Nokia 3310 (way too old sources, you should try to search about the product references by yourself, sorry):