Presentation of the Interact project

Interact (Interactive environment for the reproduction and amelioration of codes and techniques) is a Python 2 multi-platform application which run on GNU/Linux and Android (maybe BSD, OS X or even Windows can be supported later). The user interface is made with Kivy, a cross-platform Python framework for NUI development. The main idea in this project is the flowchart prototyping environment reproduced here from a previous PyQT project I made called Intelligence Wizard.

I would like to present this project as a proof that some of our most repeated code-based tasks can be simplified with a simple but well designed interactive interface. Most of you will only see an application capable of drawing real time maps but it's just a start, the background will become modulable enough to be your own customizable dashboard. I'm thinking about a way to let you code your own node widgets directly within the app.

  • Screenshots

    MD5 online search demonstration with touch indications :
    Interact - Demo Interact - Demo

  • State

    • Fully working Desktop application (tested on Gentoo Linux and Debian based distribs);
    • Working Android build thanks to Buildozer (tested on Android versions 7 Nougat, 8 Oreo and 9 Pie);
    • Dynamical and platform aware module edition, load and use;
    • Multilingual speech synthesis (eSpeak + MBROLA speech synthesizer and Android TTS API as providers);
    • Translation thanks to the support of GNU gettext (lang files format compatible with the Poedit tool);
    • Facial recognition over a camera widget not available on Android (OpenCV + Haarcaascade classifiers made by Rainer Lienhart from Intel);
    • Use OpenCV but don't provide the latest camera library for Android. As a result, the way I use the Android mounted cameras can only be achived on Android versions before 4.2 (I work on that but it's not a priority);
    • You can save and load any flowchart in json format.

    NOTE: most of the functionalities are working nicely on GNU/Linux and Android but the code isn't disclosed yet and still under modification.

  • License

    MIT License MIT License

  • Code

    The code is not yet disclosed.
    For those who see beyond colors, here is even an alpha version of the application for Android (tested only with one device, sorry in advance for any improper scaling on your device):