Z-Wave Packet Interception and Injection Tool

Hi everybody, this time I will share with you a fork I made in december 2015 of the Z-Attack tool developed by the company Advens.

This is basically a few ergonomic improvements of the GUI. The full changelog is at the bottom of this page.

A little demonstration here with a Z-Wave wall plug (asking it to give us his version):
Interact - Screenshot 1

See the original presentation by aDvens here.

You can download the project using the traditionnal git clone command:

git clone https://github.com/initbrain/Z-Attack

Z-Attack (v0.1.1)

Z-Wave Packet Interception and Injection Tool GNU GPL v3 license

  • Hardware

    This program use the custom RFCat firmware written by At1as and is compatible with:

    For any help use "-h".

  • Installation

    If you want to use this tool which is based on RFCat you need to install rflib

    Using Z-Attack requires that you either use the python script in root mode (sudo works well),
    or configure udev to allow non-root users full access to your dongle.
    Additional details are on the RFCat project page:

    Debian install dependencies:

    pip install pydot
    apt-get install python-tk python-imaging-tk python-usb graphviz

    On Ubuntu, if you are experiencing this error:

    Couldn't import dot_parser, loading of dot files will not be possible

    Just install the python-pydot package from the Ubuntu Software repository

    sudo apt-get install python-pydot python-tk python-imaging-tk python-usb graphviz
  • Changelog

    Version 0.1:

    First release

    Version 0.1.1:

    Code cleaned, PEP8 (partially)
    Information added to the readme file
    Information added to the graph generator
    CSV logging disabled by default
    GUI improvement:
        Logo cropped, compressed and moved to the About window
        The HomeID listbox now fit the window and have a scrollbar
        Order of the text (reception) reversed and auto scrolling if the user don't use the scrollbar
        Send frame (advanced mode) window reorganization, brodcast src/dst and scrollbars added